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Futureshop Warrenty

When I bought my palm pilot a few years ago, I knew it is going to break down when the manufacturer warranty expired. So I spent $50 to buy the buyer protection program of future shop, hoping to get a new unit when my palm is beyond repair. The no lemon garuntee of the program suppose to give me a new one or goods with equivalent value if it has been repaired more than three times. My idea was to break the palm before the extended warrenty expire so I can get my money back. My palm has broken as I expected, probably due to statics on the interface IC. It turn out the warranty program of Futureshop is really user unfriendly. The repair time is unreasonably long, it takes them almost 2 months to get it to repair. The worst is the fine print of the non-lemon guarantee, it will only get replaced if it breaks down on the same problem three times, not just any three problems. So I have been end up visiting Futureshop almost once every few months to send my palm to repair and picking it up. Today I pick up my palm again, and I’m still one repair short from getting a new unit. In order to get my money spent on the extended warranty worth, I have to break the palm again. The best way to break any electronic device is apply the wrong voltage and current to burn out the IC, and you can always blame it on power surge. Since I don’t have a palm for such a long period of time, I get used to live without a palm already. I remember at some point back then, I thought I couldn’t function without a handheld device. So I’ll probably get something else with the reimbursement from the extended warranty. Does it really worth going thru all these trouble to get the worth of the extended program? Probably not, so I had decided I will never buy the extended coverage from future shop again.