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Install software

30th Apr 2006 - 08:09pm Daily Scribble
I have been spending my week nights and weekend setting up the software in my laptop. I havn’t update my software in my PC for quite a while and many are a version or two behind. It is very convinient that you can get almost all useful software…

哲學功課: On Fatalism

30th Apr 2006 - 12:00pm 哲學
In this essay I will discuss the conflict between God’s foreknowledge and our freedom. I will first examine the problem of fatalism proposed by Richard Taylor. Then I will reproduce the resolution proposed by St. Augustine and William Rowe.…

哲學功課: Problems of McTaggart and the unreality of time

30th Apr 2006 - 12:00am 哲學
In this essay I will criticize the unreality of time proposed by McTaggart. First I will outline the arguments on the unreality of time by McTaggart. Then I will reject his premises and deductions one by one to show McTaggart has failed to conclude…

Vietnam crossover Japan

28th Apr 2006 - 10:16pm Daily Scribble
We tried and failed to have lunch at Estea again this afternoon. Although the bubble tea place has big signs at the front saying it is open for business during lunch hour, it was closed. In order to avoid moving our cars, we head to a sushi place in…

Birthday Party

27th Apr 2006 - 08:15pm Daily Scribble
Tonight I went to a very special birthday party, it is the birthday of the Fr. Pierre of St. Mary. He is turning 60 this year, and he has been a priest for 25 years. The party starts with the usual Thursday party meeting and Eucharist adoration. It…

Race track

26th Apr 2006 - 10:01pm Daily Scribble
The other two Bit-Char G I ordered from Hobby Link Japan finally arrived. The race track in Steven’s cubicle is offically opened to bussiness. The range of the remote control is very limited, so I have to close off the far end section of…

Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop

25th Apr 2006 - 07:32pm Product Reviews
My laptop (Inspiron 6400) ordered from Dell has arrived today. It is the first laptop I ever own, excluding the piece of junk PMC gave me when I started working. I am quite happy with the laptop, except it doesn’t have enough memory. I know…

24″ widescreen LCD again

24th Apr 2006 - 06:04pm Daily Scribble
Today the fleet of 24″ widescreen LCD finally arrived. Almost everyone in the project get a new monitor, the rest of the team will have it in the next shipment. After I had made my suggestion about bigger display has a positive impact productivity…


23rd Apr 2006 - 03:56pm Daily Scribble
This weekend I finally have the time to organize my investments. I havn’t keep an eye on it for a few months and I didn’t even keep a good track of record of my profits and losses. I spent a whole afternoon entering all my transaction…

Farewell lunch

21st Apr 2006 - 09:48pm Daily Scribble
We have another farewell lunch today. The boss has joked it has become a monthly feature and he even nominate the lesser boss for next month’s farewell lunch. Sometimes I really doubt what is the point behind farewell lunch. In the lunch…
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