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The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. — F. Scott Fitzgerald


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Auto Rickshaw

28th Feb 2008 54 7 Daily Scribble
Auto Richshaw Auto rickshaw is the most common transportation in Bangalore.  It is kinda like the taxi of India.  You can hire one by raising your hand on street corners or find a richshaw stop in front of shopping malls.  The auto richshaw drives like a…


27th Feb 2008 135 1 Daily Scribble
Cricket Cricket to Indian is like Hockey to Canadian.  Cricket is probably the national sport in India and every one seems crazy about it.   I haven’t a live game, but I see lots of cricket on TV as the world champion is playing in Australia this…

Cultural Intelligence – David C. Thomas and Kerr Inkson

26th Feb 2008 149 0 書評
Cultural Intelligence 時下流行什麼講智商﹐有最原祖的IQ思考力智商 ﹐也有早幾年興起的EQ情緒智商。在全球化的大趨勢下﹐與世界各地不同文化的人溝通﹐就要靠這本書所講的CQ文化智商。我公司與其他科技公司一樣﹐跟隨潮流外判工作去印度﹐在以色列和上海也有研發中心。於是不甘後人也講文化智商﹐買一大幢這本書回來﹐全公司每人分發一本﹐好讓我們學習如何和其他文化的人打交道。公司派發的書照例沒有多少人會看﹐我領了回來放在臺頭封塵。今次給公司派了去印度出差﹐在飛機上才臨急抱佛腳地刨完﹐希望多少可以讓印度的工作順利點。…

Some obversations about Indian culture

25th Feb 2008 84 3 Daily Scribble
It seems I am writing about India in my blog every day.  Well, I guess I am still experience the cultural shock.  Everything happening around me seems so strange and foreign to me.  Usually people will eventually get over with the cultural…

Craving for real food

22nd Feb 2008 48 5 Daily Scribble
I have been eating India food since I came to Bangalore. The company cafeteria only serves Indian food, I have tried to find a normal restaurant around the guest house for the past three days but couldn’t find any. I end up eating Indianized…

Chak De India

21st Feb 2008 121 1 電影
Chak De India 這個月給公司派了去印度公幹﹐自然要感受一下印度文化﹐看當地電影正是窺探生活文化的窗戶。印度是全球第二大的電影市場﹐每年電影產量僅次於荷里活﹐Bollywood就是印度的荷里活。在飛住印度的航班上﹐我觀看了我第一齣的印度電影﹐Chak…


20th Feb 2008 57 0 Daily Scribble
I had a tour in the Wipro campus today, which is next door to our office.  Wipro is the biggest outsourcing company in India.  The campus is hugh, looks kinda like a small university.  Maybe not as nice as the Microsoft campus, but sure it is…

3rd day in Bangalore

19th Feb 2008 40 0 Daily Scribble
Looks like I am adapting to the life of India sooner than I expected.  First, the tourist feel is vanishing, the prove is that I took much less photo today.  The route between office and guest house is the same, so I have seen the view on the way. …

2nd day in Bangalore

18th Feb 2008 58 0 Daily Scribble
Yes, I am counting my days of stay.  I already have home sick and miss the comfortable life in Vancouver.  Anyway, my second day is also full of adventure.  The driver came and picked me up in the morning and drove me to work.  The distance from…

First day in Bangalore

17th Feb 2008 49 1 Daily Scribble
My flight to India is pretty smooth.  Other than there is not tiny TV on each seat, I don’t have much complain about Lufthansa.  On my flight from Frankfurt to Bangalore, they run out of the chicken meal, so I had the curry instead, which…
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