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作死不離三兄弟 3 Idiots

24th Feb 2012 127 0 電影
41668 去年香港電影界發生兩個票房奇蹟,先有小成本的台灣電影「那些年」打破華語片的最高票房紀錄,然後印度電影「作死不離三兄弟」爆冷狂收二千萬。嚴格來說這部是香港第一套在戲院公映的印度本土電影,前幾年的「百萬富翁」其實是英國導演拍的荷里活製作。這套電影2009年在印度上映,橫掃多個本土電影大獎,亦同時成為印度史上最賣座的電影。時隔三年這三個傻瓜終於登陸香港,引起不少同樣也是在填鴨教育制度下長大的香港人的共鳴。…

The engineering gap

1st Feb 2010 59 0 News Clips
My experience agrees with the articles that many Indian engineers are not as good as they claim to be. But I don’t think a new standardize test will solve the problem. The test only would work until some PREP school cracked the marking scheme…

Bangalore once again

18th Aug 2009 94 4 Daily Scribble
I just came back from my 3 weeks Bangalore business trip. As usual, I got sick every time I went to Bangalore. I have been coughing, running noses, watery eyes, skin rashes, lack of energy, allergy reaction, all thanks to the heavy polluted environment…

Stupid Cricket Sales

13th Aug 2009 26 0 Daily Scribble
I went to an interesting restaurant to have dinner tonight. The restaurant is owned by cricket player of the Indian Cricket team. Attached to the restaurant, there is a small cricket hall of fame with some collectible in display. Next to the…

Indian bonding

31st Mar 2009 113 3 Daily Scribble
The visiting VP is taking the team out for dinner tonight, thank us for the hard work during the project. Business with your boss, your boss’ boss and your boss’ boss’ boss is usually timid and boring, you can’t talking…

The two extreme of children

23rd Mar 2009 92 1 Daily Scribble
I read two news article about children today. One talks about children in Canada, the other talks about children in India. One talks about the problem of having too much, the other talks about the problem of having next to nothing. The article…

India’s new soft drink

12th Feb 2009 130 6 Daily Scribble
The Japanese had pioneer urine drinking as natural medicine, now the India push the edge eve further, marking a soft drink from cow urine. I can’t believe it is real, but here is what I read form the news, see it yourself at this link. We all…

Slumdog Millionaire 一百萬零一夜

10th Feb 2009 328 7 電影
Slumdog Millionaire 在香港印度電影應該是冷門中的冷門﹐若果不是《一百萬零一夜》橫掃金球獎和英國電影電視獎﹐相信不要說在戲院上映﹐恐怕連翻版DVD也買不到。嚴格來說這套不是Bollywood而是英國電影﹐製作班底是英國公司﹐導演更曾拍攝荷里活大片28…

Be careful what you ask for

3rd Feb 2009 71 4 Daily Scribble
This is the second speech in the Toastmaster humorously speaking manual, leave them with a smile. The objective of this project is to prepare a serious speech that opens and closes with humorous stories and the closing story should reemphasizes…

The greatest Indian + Japanese + Canadian fusion idea.

15th Jan 2009 76 4 Daily Scribble
We were talking about single engineers at work are having a hard timing finding girlfriends. They are distracted from work for looking for a mate, so they are not performing at their peak productivity. Here we come up with a great idea to solve…
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