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30th Jul 2008 - 08:03pm 生活隨筆


29th Jul 2008 - 06:56pm Daily Scribble
I have been doing lots of interviews recently.  My project is half way and it is very behind in the schedule.  How do we get into this mess in the first place?  As usual it is bad management decision.  Somehow we underestimate the complexity…

Bangalore bombing

28th Jul 2008 - 08:46pm Daily Scribble
Last Friday, 9 bombs set off in Bangalore, killed two people and wounded over twenty people.  I never feel so close to terrorist attack.  I worked in Bangalore for two months.  My colleagues took over my tasks are still working in Bangalore. …


26th Jul 2008 - 10:07pm Daily Scribble
Fossil fuel will eventually runs out, one of the solutions to the environment problem is switch to biofuel.  Biofuel is produced by convernting plants into ethonal.  Plants is 100% renewable energy.  As long as there is land, water and…

Speed Racer 極速賽車手

26th Jul 2008 - 08:10am 電影

Plane Crazy

24th Jul 2008 - 08:07pm Daily Scribble
Recently, I am addicted to this silly facebook application, which is quite not myself.  In general I keep my distance from uselss facebook applications.  I naturally ignore most of the application request and actually spent time delete…

Indian and beef

23rd Jul 2008 - 10:21pm Daily Scribble
When I worked in India, I made friends to a few colleagues in the Bangalore office.  They shown me show me around town on weekends and we had lots of fun together.  One of them is visiting Vancouver for work, so it is my turn to be the host and show…

Ineffective incentive

22nd Jul 2008 - 07:55pm Daily Scribble
Today we have our department quarterly update.  The director flew in town to give us overview of how the department is doing.  My project is the only project in the department, so it has very high profile and no room to fail.  Thanks to the stupid…

Princess 公主追殺令

21st Jul 2008 - 07:54pm 電影

Yakisoba Sandwich

20th Jul 2008 - 08:44pm Daily Scribble
Today I tried a very unusual sandwich, yakisoba sandwich.  I have heard of this sandwich from a childhood cartoon.  The characters love having the Yakisoba sandwich all the time.  I thought it must be a joke in the cartoon, who would want…
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