Today the Starbuck outlet at work has opened for business. They know about good promotion on how to attract customers. Each of us got a coupon for free coffee. When I first received the coupon, I thought it is only good for one cup. It turned out that it is one free cup each day for this week, what a brillant marketing idea! Just a cup of free coffee won’t give you much incentive to spend $2 for something you can get for free in the cafeteria, even though the coffee from starbuck tastes better. However, giving you one cup per day is a different story, it slowly builds up your addiction to their coffee. I had a large cup today, and I didn’t plan to finish it. Somehow I just slip the whole cup bit by bit without knowing it. I think I should resist to this evil marketing scam tomorrow and give up my free coffee. The moral of this story is positive out of expectation works quite well in convincing people to your favour.

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