making cards

This afternoon, we had a card making session after the World Youth Day meeting. The whole parish team sit together, formed a assembly line, and cruched out all sorts of cards like Birthday cards, Thankyou cards, Get Well cards, etc. The cards are not very complicate, just nicely stamped patterns with sparkling power or ribbons, but they surely look good. We hope to sell the cards to the church goers on the next two Sunday and raise some funds to help our trip expensives. I always thought card making is a girly thing, and I still think so. Yet I helped out in the session as part of community bonding within the group. However, to my surprise, I found spending an afternoon to make cards is quite relaxing. When I concentrated on the small task in front of me, like folding paper, cutting ribbons, or stamping the patterns, I don’t have to think about all my troubles. I won’t mind do it once in a while for a good cause, but I surely don’t want anyone knows about the femimine side of me that actually enjoy making cards.

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