surf web

Havn’t surf web for quite some time already. I usually only go to a few websites that I familiar with. Today when I was reading an article from PC magazine introducing top websites of 2005, I clicked through some of the links to visit them. I found that the web had changed alot since I first started using internet. Back then the internet is more true to its name that websites are interconnected by links, and people discover new sites from links to links. Nowadays with the increased complexity and rate of change, maintaining a list of link manually is no longer feasible. Search engine had replaced a web of links as the default mean to access different websites, and make people less likely to come across unintended yet interesting sites. Now the hot site reviews of PC Mag serves this purpose. I had discover many new and interesting sites today, probably I had wasted too much time sucking up all the new information. One of my favourate is Orisinal, which has many adorable mini games.

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