After break up

The relationship between ex boyfriends and girlfriends always has to handle with care, especially when both of the couple are your friends. Extra precaution have to taken into account to make sure both parties will not showing at the same time to your events. Otherwise, it may bring embarrassing moment to the whole group. Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard to step back from a relationship to friends. Although I had similar experience with my ex, cut all the contact after broke up, yet I still don’t understand. I guess only time can heal the feeling of being hurt in order to be friends once again. I wish at some time in the future, my usual gang will be united and hang out like in the old days.

Quote of the day: Stone age did not end for the lack of stone, and the oil age will end long before the world runs out of oil. – from an article on energy crisis in the Economist.

2 thoughts on “After break up”

  1. I feel the same way Horace. Often, I catch myself wishing that we’d still be hanging out just like the good old days. Moving on after a relationship fails is very hard. Time seems to be your only friend and looking back never seems to be a good idea. Perhaps this is all part of growing up …

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