Deutsch Level 3

German level 3 is much harder than German level 2 I had taken last term. The class is much smaller, and we had to speak in German for practice. The teacher also speaks a lot more German this time, even though she is speaking slow, I could only understand about 50%. There was one grandma in the class started German level 1 with me back then, and two woman from my German level 2 class. There are also two new guys join us this time. Out of the six people in the group, four has a German boyfriend / girlfriend. Oddly enough, the grandma is one of them. And no, my girlfriend is not a German. I guess love is a major factor pushing someone to learn a new language. For the remaining two, which is me and another guy, the motivation of learning is to visit German in near future. With this much more in depth training, I hope I’ll at least able to carry out basic conversation during the World Youth Day in August.

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