False Creek

Tonight after meeting with my supervisor at SFU Harbor Center, Pat came over pick me up to have dinner together. I always drive by that area but rarely slow down and walk around the blocks. The restaurant we went is by the water front of False Creek, on the other side of the noisy crowded Yale Town. Although it is a bit cold today, we sat on the outside and over look the ship yards. Haven’t had time to enjoy a romantic dinner with Pat for quite sometime, so tonight is pretty relaxing for both of us. After dinner, Pat suggested we walk along side the water front. I observed that there are so many dog owners walking their dog in the area. I wonder where all the dogs come from, there are only apartments in the area. I feel sorry for the dogs who has to locked up in the small apartments for the whole day. We also went to check out the Urban Fare, which is one of those upscale supermarkets. It seems that this kind of organic food stores are so hip and trendy these days. However, as an engineer myself, I couldn’t understand why people would fall for those over-priced fancy items. Why would someone pay $7 for a bottle of water from Norway or $10 for a canned Salmon Chower soup? That hippy image is so skin deep, those high income urban people are all brained washed by the corporate marketing campaign to accept that particular style of living.

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