Ordination of deacon

It has been a long day today. I had to wake up early in the morning to attend the ordination of deacon ceremony of Br. Anthony Ho at the Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown. I have to pick up Pat and her friends as well. It was so rush that I don’t even have time for having a breakfast. Luckily we arrived on time, but church is already very full. We had to squeeze in between nice people who are willing to pack closer with each other. Ordination of deacon is the final step before becoming a Catholic priest. In layman’s term, it is equivalent to the engagement as the priesthood is equivalent to marriage. Today is a big day for the archdiocese of Vancouver since it the first time in 20 years having 5 brothers being ordinate at the same time. According to the history of the Vancouver archdiocese, it had only two occasion with 5 brothers graduated in the same year. In both years, one of the 5 brothers end up being an archbishop later in their career. I wonder who will be the the future archbishop among these five brothers? Could he be Br. Anthony? He definitely meet one of the requirements of being an archbishop, his preaching is quite boring. The ceremony is a mass hosted by the Archbishop and there were at least 30 fathers co-host today’s mass. I had never seen that many fathers under the same roof in my life, quite a spectacular view. As usual, the homily of Archbishop is extremely boring and I fell asleep most of the time. The actually ritual of ordination is less fancy than I had expected, probably as uninteresting as the ritual of my own confirmation. After the mass, we went over to congratulate Br. Anthony, but it was so crowded that we couldn’t really talk with him other than giving him the gift. So we left him alone and went to have lunch with a group of church friends in Robson street.

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