There are some nasty weed growing in the drive way of Pat’s house. They grow so big that some really long branch with thorns are hanging over the drive way. Everything I drive by, the branch will touch my car and make some very unpleasing sound, although I haven’t notice any scratch so far. Tonight after I walked Charlie, I finally can’t stand the weeds anymore. I went into the garage and take out the big scissors. I chop off every branches I could find. Unfortunately due to the body of the plant is hidden behind some berry bushes, I couldn’t kill its root. Some of the branch has flower buds on it, I wonder what kind of flower would that be. I couldn’t pick up the branch with bare hand since it will poke my fingers. I have to wait a few days until the branches dry up then I can easily fold them into the bag. What’s the use of this kind of weed to human and to the nature? Someone should genetic modify this plant to make a new release to fix up the problems.

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