Other than visiting doctor for my cold and god some medication, I had attended three mini-gathering today. The first one is get together with the WYD team. I had to drop off my photos to Jan at the 6:30 mass at St. Paul, and then I drop by at Earl to say hi to those who can make it to the dinner. I don’t have much time to catch with their stories since I have to run to see another friend. One thing I know is that they had to desperately look for the Eucharist and watied 6 hours for bus to leave Marienfield, arrving in Koln at 11p.m. I feel really lucky that me and Pat got away relatively earily. SoB has a wedding to attend tomorrow, so he come to Vancouver for just 2 days. I have dinner with him and talked alot about friends in the Lasalle group. Then somehow Derek is in town tonight as well, he is having his flying trip from SJ all the way to Victoria. So I have drink with him afterward. Too bad that SoB has to rest early tonight so he couldn’t join us for a drink. As he said, he see Derek almost every week in SJ, what’s the point of seeing him here in Vancouver. I found I am repeating the similar topics with Derek, just disscuss them in a different aspect. It kinda odd I am seeing them quite often this year. I just met them last month down in SJ and I will see them another next month when Mingwai come over.

I found that I am spending quite some time reading info about my new iPod shuffle. I am looking forward to use it as a replacement for the CD player in my car. It is just inconvinient to burn CD. Finally I am catching up with the digital trend by having my own mp3 player, although my player is a bit lame without the screen. But hey, it’s free, what can I ask for more?

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