Pat always complains I am a very boring guy, a typical engineer who knows nothing about romance. She have been trying hard to get me understand the concept of romance. So far I the aspect of romance I can get includes the element of surprise and the appreciation of arts together. Somehow sweet talks, which always think is romantic, is not part of the equation. She only think I am acting funny and turns her off. I always try my best to practise romanance even though I had limited understanding of it. I impressed Pat today by showing her my romantic level has improved. This afternoon we I buy lunch for her, I bought an exta chicken leg, which she love since childhood, as a surprise to her. Then tonight we went to a lounge resturant with live music for our halloween dinner. We sat, chatted and enjoyed the oldies songs for 3 hours. The dishes are very satisfying, it’s a fining dining resturant in Richmond opened by Chinese. The food has elements of fusion, the presentation is in the form of western cruises, but the cooking is tailored to the appetit of Chinese. The atomsphere is very comfortable, suitable for quiet chats with friends.

Please check out the resturant at Also Lounge

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