Thesis defense

Today I have my master thesis defense. I have been waiting for this day. I dress in my new suit going to work, everyone ask me what is the special occasion and I am happy to tell them. I did my preparation last night, rehearsed my slides, but I am still quite nervious today. Since I have no external examiner, I don’t expect though questions and I got none. As a tradition, I bought donuts for my audiences. Pat came to see my defense and lend me her laptop to display the slides. Two friends from work also shown up. There are a few other graduate students sat in, but they are very polite without asking though questions. My presentation is long, plus one of my supervisor is late, the presentation of my thesis went on until 5p.m. I spot one of the examiner fell asleep in the middle of my presentation. I must admit the material of my thesis is quite dry and boring. The Q&A part of my defense went smoothly as I expected. Everyone is nice, no though question asked. Althought the chairman spot a minor error in one of my diagrams. I recieved a pass on my thesis defense. All I left to do is fix some typos in my report, sent it to my supervisor and fill out the paper works in the grad office. I can declare I have a master degree once I see the degree shows up in my transcript. It is getting really really close.

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