Weekend in Tofino

I just come back from having a relaxing weekend in Tofino. I am refreshed and re-energized. We went in as two couples. Pat’s friend’s boyfriend is a funny guy. He is one of the few Pat’s friends I find comfortable to hang out with. Going to a trip with the right people is very important. It is the sole determinating factor between a good trip and a bad trip.

On Firday, we woke up really early on the first day to catch the ferry in Tewassan. Since I am driving and can’t sleep on the way, obviously, I catch up some sleep in the ferry. The ferry ride is very calm and only takes 2 hours. On our way to Tofino, we stopped by Qualicom Beach and the Qualicom Falls. We took some pictures but the views are not very specticular compare to Tofino. We had lunch in a tourist attraction called goat on the roof on highway 4. The owner is quite a marketing genius. He lay some turf on the roof of his resturant and put a few goats on the top. People, including Pat and her friend, are flocked to see those stupid goats. After another 2 hours of driving, we arrived in Tofino. It is a small sea side resort town at the end of the Pacific Rim national park. It late evening when we arrived Tofino. We toured the town a bit, found a nice resturant to have dinner and then slept early.

The main event on Saturday is whale watching and hot spring tour. We are wised that we booked the tour with a cabin boat instead of smaller open top speed boat. The sea is quite rough. I feel sorry for those riding the speed boat. They were eating wind and sea water for the whole time. The hot spring is about 1.5 hours sailing from Tonfio on a small island. After we docked the island, we have to walked 30 minutes to reach the hot spring on the other side of the island. I asked why don’t simpliy build the dock next to the hot spring. It is because the spring is facing the Pacific, where the tides are too strong for a dock. The hot spring is very hot, I only soaked my feet in the water. Pat played in the pool at the edge of the hot spring and the sea, where you can feel both hot and cold water at the same time. On our way back, we went to the Pacific coast to watch whales. We spotted a few gray whales, a oarc, and a humpback wahle. Some of them are quite close to the boat, I can see they blowing water and flipping tails. You can’t imagine how big is a whale, it is hugh! We also see a few doplins chased the boat for a while. Pat and the other couple got sea sick because of the rough tides. I don’t mind the waves rocking the boat up and down. In fact I found it kinda quite fun as long as I know the boat is perfectly safe. Although I doubted a bit about our safty when I heard the loud sound from the bottom of the boat hitting the waves. We were pretty exhausted after the whale watching trip. So for the rest of the day, we just went to a nice beach side resturant. It was one of the most pleasent moment in the past few years. I was sitting in a nice couch by the window, having a beer, playing a chess game, watching the ocean and listening to the sound of the ocean surf. I think I can just sit there for the whole day without getting bored. We watched sunset, walked on the beach for a while then went back to the hotel and slept early.

We didn’t have any plan for Sunday. We tried to go to church but missed all the service because we woke up too late. We decided to visit another small town called Ukulele on the other side of the national park. We stopped by the national park. We made a perfect hike between the parking lot and the beach, which has about 15 minutes of boardwalk trail in the forrest. We got a taste of hiking without too much sweat. Ukulele is smaller than Tofino, we had lunch there and headed back. There ain’t much to see in Ukulele, except there is a light house at the tip of the land where you can see whales from the shore. After dinner, we went back to the national park indoor theater to watch a film about nature life on Pacafic Coast. Before sleep, we went back to the beach one more time to glaze the starry nights. The sky was so clear that we can see the milky way and shooting stars occationally. It is the first time Pat sees milky way. I guess it is really amazing to her as I can still recall how I feel when I see it the first time.

Monday is the last day of the trip, we are heading back to Vancouver. We stopped by Port Alberni for lunch at the city harbour. It is like a quiet version of Graville Island. On the way back to Nanimo, we visited the Englishman River Falls. Nothing special, just a tourist attraction we have to visit to check it off from the to-do list. The line up at the ferry terminal is really long. Luckily that we made a reservation ahead of time. You can’t save the $17.5 reservation fee, if you want to go home on time. The ferry between Nanimo and Horseshoe Bay is much bigger than the ferry on our way in. It is always fun to enjoy sea wind on the deck. We also calculated the cost of the trip and split the bills. The 4 days trip costs almost a thousand dollars for a couple. Part of the expense goes to food, since we were having seafood in nice resturant every day, since Tofino is a resort town only has nice resturants. The first thing to do after we arrived in Vancouver is to have dinner in a Chinese resturant. I found that I kinda miss Chinese food after having fishes for 4 days.

Now, I must work hard on my toast mater speech that I have to deliver tomorrow.