Bank time

This morning I took my car to service. It turn out the problem I had is software bug in the transmission control system. The service center download a new firmware to my energy and the problem is fixed. I am surprised an auto have bugs causing the system to hang just like computers. I thought those mission critical firmware is througthly tested before shipping to the customer, I guess I am wrong.

Since I have to go to the service center, the plan of playing golf with Chris in the afternoon is cancelled. PMC is on the way home driving back from the service center. Since I have nothing to do I decide go back to work and save up some bank time. The office is really quiet, only a few people come back. I found I am very productive in the afternoon. I only stayed for 4 hours and the amount of work I finish equals to the work I can done in a normal day. In a normal day, I constantly get distracted by other people, going to meetings, answering questions. Today I can really focus in my work and get a lot more done in much less time. The productivity factor of working alone double compares to working with other people, provided that you don’t need support from other team members. Team work is only more efficient if the synergy effect has more advertage over distaction. Productivity is mysteriously lost as you add more and more member to the team. That’s why a very large team, such as departments in the government, can have negative productivity.