FTBY’s wedding

The past weekend I went to Haiwaii to attent FTBY’s wedding. Too bad that I can only stay in Haiwaii for 3 days. This weekend is really fun. When the Lasallian gang get together, there are always lots of laughters. Saturday is the wedding, everytime runs smoothly, except the groomsman got lost in the morning. Sunday we went to snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, a coral reef nationa park. It is quite an experience swim among schools of tropical fishes. We visited the Peal Harbour on Monday. The line up to see the Arizona memorial is not very long, we only have to wait about an hour. It is a very good deal, you get a free boat ride of the Pearl Harbour after seeing actual films footage from WWII. We don’t have time to visit the Missouri floating museum since we are having dim sum with Mr. and Mrs. FTBY. I accomplished alot in just 3 days. I had sampled almost every thing you can do in Honolulu. Staying longer is just repeating more or less the same activities in a more relax mood while spending more money. On my way back home, I almost got stuck in Portland. My flight back tO Vancouver is cancelled. Luckily the airline routed me first from Portland to Seattle, then from Seattle to Vancouver. It is the shortest flight with most stop I have taken. I am really tired after flying red eye back to Vancouver from Haiwaii and head straight to work. Gota sleep early tonight and probably for the rest of the week to recover. Click here to see my pictures.


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