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Tonight after my philosophy class, I head over to a pub with some classmates.? They go drinking after class every Thuesday and talk about the lectures.? Since the professor finish the class a bit early, I decided to join them for a while.? The professor said he will join us next week too.? We head to the Cambie pub, which is just a few blocks away from SFU Harbour Center.? It is quite noisy there, not a very good place to chat.? The beer is good though.? Actually, beer is good anywhere.? We talked about communism and socialism today.? Somehow many of them are quite buy into the socialistic idea.? Today’s class talk about libertarianism, as know as the capitalism.? Almost everyone agree the argument for libertariansim in the textbook are flawed, even worse than the argument for liberal equality from last week.? Oddly though, the textbook didn’t defense libertarianism from utilitarianism point of view.? I find it is easiest to defend capitalism using classical economy since the days of Adam Smiths.? Granted, the efficiency of free market has its limit, where it may not work in some cases, but at least it get rid of the puzzling fair argument.? My classmates think socialism is the most fair political system.? We will learn about that next week.? For myself, I am actually an egoist.? I will support whatever system that benefit me most.? From my experience, free market capitalism is the most reasonable choice.? Of course, I won’t mind totalitarian state if I am the dictictor.? I think collective egoism will result in free market capitalism.? I support Rawl’s contract hypothesis, only that it should not be blind folded.? I think it is fair and just that we are born unequal, because that’s the reality.

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  1. People who choose to live in Canada is more socialist – that I’ve found!

    Since we grew up from HK, it makes a lot of sense that we are more inclined with the free market capitalism due to the emphasis on financial importance of economic growth.

    It’s funny how my primary child (3 yr old) in the center has to learn how to take turns since he only knows how to grab toys from others and play on his own. Usually they get better by 4 yr old to deveop a better social sense and learns about the beauty of sharing – hopefully that applies to our own philosophical system too!

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