Different people has different body reaction when they are nervous.? Someone will sweat alot, someone will being shaking.? I recently found out when I am nervous, I will feel funny at my stomach.? It is not stomachache or any kind of pain.? It is the muscle around the stomach tense up and make it quite uncomfortable.? This funny feelling doesn’t affect me too much, if I can unfocus from the source of my nervous, it will go away.? Nevous is a psychological state, how come the body have involuntary reaction to the brain?? I remember when I first giving a toastmaster speech, my legs were shaking standing facing the audience.? Later when I am more use to it, my legs stop shaking but it is very stif, like glued to the the floor.? It took me some more time to feel comfortable enough to walk around.? I wonder how long will it take for me to get use to the funny feeling in my stomach.? There are other involuntary reaction too.? When I feel clueless, I would stratch my hairs or touch the back of my head.? I think this reaciton is more like an influence from external world than a true psychological reaction.? It is just an action to express my clueless that I have learnt from TV or books.

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