I decided to keep my old PC instead of buying a new one.? The C: drive is totally dead, I can’t even format or partition the disk.? Luckily the drive is still under warranty from Seagate.? I just have to mail it back to get a replacement.? Since the turn around time of Seagate is at least a few weeks, I have no choice but buy a new harddisk to get myself going.? So I bought a new 320GB harddisk for just $120 after work tonight.? Unhook the old drive and hook up the new one takes no time.? However, my Windows XP CD seems has some scratches and some files are corrupted.? Luckily the CD works fine afte I burned a new copy.? After I booted into windows, I am horrified that my other two hard drives are not accessible, in which I have all my data.? The XP can recongize the drives, but show the file system as foriegn.? Google saved my day, so I foud ways to mount the two disks back to my XP.? Right click “my computer”, go to computer manager, then disk manager, select the foriegn hard disk and choose the import option solve the problem.? Having all my data back is just the beginning, it is still a long way from install all my software.

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