Team event at Whistler

I went to Whistler instead of work today with half of the verification team from work.  Since our work is mostly done, we get a few free vacation days.  We decided head over Whistler to have some fun together, almost everyone is a keen skier in the team.  The snow condition is very good today.  We just had a big snow dump yesterday, so we can ski on fresh powder snow.

The highlight of the day is the new Symphony chair just opened last week.  The new chair open up many runs at the back mountain.  It has very nice terrains with a few groomed runs between trees that we can go through.  The new chair is not crowded at all, there was no lineup waiting to go on the chairs.  The only drawback about this chair is that it has no easy way out.  You cannot traverse back to the peak.  You can only cut through some steep runs, merge with the long and flat pathway  that leads back to the bottom of the Harmony chair.

Everyone, including the director and manger, in my project loves skiing or snowboarding.  We have already voted to have our tape-out (project-end) party at Whistler.  We like this idea so much that we are even willing to drive ourselves to Whistler provided that gas is reimbursed.  A casual dinner plus a lift ticket should not cost much.  This plan should be within the budget limit for the party.

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