Mid-life crisis

Tonight I am having dinner with an old friend whom I have known more than 20 years.  I talk to him about I am having a mid-life crisis, try to find my identify and place in the world.  My friend have trouble understanding my problems, not that he thinks I am thinking too much.  He can’t even grasp the concept of mid-life crisis,  since he never think about this questions at all.  He is pretty much living a worry free life all these year.  This friend is also an engineer, but he seems living in a totally different world.  He has been a straight A student in school since the day I know him.  The highest rank I ever have in primary school is the 10th, but my friend always stay in the top 3.  Now he is working for a crowned corperation with 100% job security.  He career path is straight ahead for him.  Since his company havn’t hire engineers for a long time before he join, all engineer above him will soon retire.  He just have to hang in there long enough and eventually he will be the chief engineer leading the whole division.  My jaw drops when he told me his net worth is more than half a million.  I can’t make that much money all my working years combined even I don’t have to spend a dime.  The only thing that trouble him is that he is still single, which something I can’t explain.  He is tall (over 6 feet) and good looking (ok, he does look geeky, but that can be easily fixed).  He has lots of money in the bank and have a job with great persective.  He should be a girl magic, a diamond bacholer.  I am very keen to introduce my single female friend to him.  Sometimes I really envy his simple life, so I don’t have to worry about my mid-life crisis.  On a second thought, if I were in his position, I will probably feel very bored.  Then I would start looking new that will bring me back all the troubling thoughts.

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