Lock Picking

lock picking A couple of weeks ago, Pat carelessly locked herself outside her home.  She have to call the lock smith to open the door.  It is about 5 minutes of work from the lock smith and he charged a ridiculous price $50.  It doesn’t look that hard and I think I can do it myself.  Then last week I read from the news that in HK, people can get lock picking tools and learn to open locks in a few hours. The HK government is talking about outlaw the buying and selling of lock picking tools to unlicensed locksmiths.  This two events combined get me really interested in learning lock picking.  First I can save money in the future, second I am geniunely interested in anything is on the legal gray area.  In Canada, it is very convinient to order lock picking tools from the internet.  I got a set of 14 pieces lock picking tools, come with a cut away practice lock showing the cylinders and a CD-ROM on lock picking basics.  Lock picking will be the next odd skill I am going to learn by myself, adding to the list of juggling, simple magic, baloon twisting, etc.

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  1. Hi, I am in Canada too and I am wondering where to order these tool. Could you send me the website address from which you ordered your tools? Appreciate!

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