After waiting for almost half a year, I finially received the title of professional engineer.  (P.Eng.)  I thought I would recieve a welcome letter and the registration package to inform my credential is approved, instead it is the invoice of the registration fee notify me my application is approved.  I will receive a certificate and my engineer seal too, but would take a few weeks for the association to prepare.  P.Eng is relatively easy to get.  All you need is a engineering degree and 4 years of work experience.  You have to take a law and ethics seminar and write an exam, but that is a piece of cake.  After that, it is lots of paper work, you have to fill in the application forms and prepare a 10 pages work summary.  The trickiest part is to hurt down four P.Eng who has supervised your work as your reference.  After the paper is completed, you just have to wait a few months for the association to review your application, then one day you will reiceve the invoice for the registration fee.  The good thing is this title follows me for life, as long as I pay the membership due every year.  Now I can proundly say that I am an engineer.  The bad thing is that this title is absoluately useless to me as an computer engineer, except I can sign the passport photos of my friends.  I have spent almost $1000 in total to get the title of P.Eng, on average $200 per character.

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