Visual Basic in Excel

I have to create a table to present some complicate data at work.  The different sections in the table are included or excluded depends on different configurations.  It would be too overwhelming and confusing to write a static table and then ask the user figure out which piece of data he need on his own.   My solution is to write a dynamic table that will only show the necessary piece of information.  At first I wanted to write the table using HTML and Javascript, which I am quite familiar with.  Unfortunately, the ancient Microsoft Office 2000 at work doesn’t support embedded javascript.  Since including seperate HTML file in the document is not a standard work flow in my company, it would be too much trouble work around the doucument control system.  So I decided to write the table using Excel spreadsheet instead.  I never done programming in Excel before, but to my surprise the Visual Basic support for Excel is very easy to use.  Using just the reference in the help document and some webpages on Excel tips, I manage to create the table in just a day.  Actually, using Excel and Visual Basic script is less programming work than using HTML and Javascript.  It even worths my effort to learn a new programming language.

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