Men are idiots

This the comments Pat made after hearing my story about today’s Whistler trip. I went to Whistler with 2 other guys and 1 girl today. It was snowing heavy and the wind was really strong. It was all white out on the top of the mountain, so the visibility is quite bad. We were going down hill and there was a section on the run that goes down then goes up. Normally we would speed up and clear the ramp without much trouble. One of my guy friend went first and then he fell down when he was going up. I thought he didn’t have enough speed to clear the up ramp so I went down faster. Bam! I fell down just like him. There has no up ramp, I ran into a snow wall. Then another guy friend saw both of us fell down, he also thought we were not fast enough, so he speed up even more. He ran straight into the snow wall, made a big hole and his skis were flying all over the place. After we fell down, we were expecting the girl will come after us and run into the snow wall as well. She was smart, she didn’t fall for the trap. She saw all of us fell down and took a easier route to ski around that section. Pat said only guys have the “I can do better” mentality and stupid enough to run into the snow wall one after another. When girls see someone fall down, they would think something is wrong and avoid the snow wall on the way.

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