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I attended an offsite training today at Vancouver Golf Club on project managment.  The course itself is more or less the same old stuff I read from the book “Rapid Development”.  However, the environment is really nice and a tasty lunch is included.  That place is classy golf club that require dress code, no jeans are allowed.  Since we are all engineers who love to jeans, we got kicked out from the place by 4:30p.m, so we won’t disturb the dinner customers.  The material in the course is useful, having an instructor giving presentation is better than reading on your own, and I could always use the review.  This course has lots of workshop sessions with group discussion on work place sceniro.  It turns out everyone complains alot the malfunction in managmennt practice in PMC during the workshop session.  We all understand the value of the project managment principle taught in the class, the problem is that our bosses don’t get the same idea.  Sadly, the instructor agree with us that something is really wrong with the management work flow in PMC.  She told us to follow the project management best practice, but it won’t solve our problem.  In the ideal management world, once you have done your part raising the issues to your manager, you should not be accountable to the project failure.  Here in PMC, the management only look at and reward the result, regardless who suppose to be accountable.  The instructor tried to comfort us saying that PMC has improved quite a bit since she teach this class a few years ago.  If the high up doesn’t see the problem and inititate the change, it is useless to give this kind of project managment course to the people down below.  I wonder is this project managment training really try to teach you something useful or just part of the corporate brain washing scam making the workers more obedience.

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