Why I blog?

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. I have been thinking about why do I blog lately. Newspaper, magazine have been talking about the blogsphere for quite some time. Some people think blog is just an open dairy, some other blog is the new media that can revolutionize the traditional mass media. Technically speaking, blog is just an online content managment system. There is no limitation on what content can show up in a the blog, that all depends on the blogger’s personal perference. Writing blog is just like writing a notebook, if you write dairy then your blog is a dairy; if you report news then your blog is a journal; if you write stories then your blog is a novel. People write blog for different reasons, some want to share his thoughts with friends, some write for popularity, some want to change the world, some simply want a place to keep track of his own writing.

I start writing blog two years ago. At first I just want to write something everyday to practice my writing skill. Later, I want to capture my thoughts before they are lost forever. Then writing blog become the mean to force myself to think, trying hard to squeeze out the last ounce of creativity. For a while, I saw some bloggers rank high in the blogsphere and wanted to chase after popularity. Although not many people reads it but I still want to do a better job and I gave myself unnecessary pressure. I stopped for a moment and think it over. I should just return to the root of writing blog, just write for fun and express myself. My blog is a projection of my mind. If my writing is kinda messy, so be it, because my mind is also a mess.

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