Survived another round of layoff

Today, my company have a massive layoff, 15% of the employee is gone.  I have been stressed out for the whole week.  Since the beginning of the month, there were rumors about the company is having a layoff plan.  The rumour is leaking more and more information out, and we even know the numbers of people to cut last week.  It is 180 out of 1200 employees, probably the biggest cut since 2001.  My project team has been idling since we finished our project in january.  Some of us are working in feasibility work, and myself was on loan to help out another project.  Seems like the whole team is the redundant overhead that can be chopped away.  I would expect my team have lots of causality, but it term out only the director and one guy is laid off.  I guess closing down the remote sites helps save our job.  The company still need someone to take over whatever tasks in the remote site.  It is cheaper to keep workers in the headquarter than in the remote sites.  The productivity of the company drop to the lowest level due to the layoff rumour.  I havn’t been doing any real work last week, just waiting for the day to come.  Some people can work as usual like nothing is going to happen, probably their brain is built differently, they just couldn’t feel there is something wrong in the atmosphere.

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  1. following your consistent logic, you should be happy to find yourself being laid off, as that is in support of your life long belief in the efficiency and productivity of your company. since you are of no use to the company, its only too logical to have you laid off. no worries, man, simply live out your philosophy!

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