Professional sport

I met a professional tennis player over the weekend.  He ranked number 120 in the world and he plays in open competitions.  I thought with his ranking, he would get at least some sponsors.  The reality is tennis is not a very well off professional sport.  Other than his racket, T-shirts, shoes, bags, he does not get any sponsor’s money in his pocket.  There are not much money in tennis.  Individual sport’s pay out is not as good as team sport.  Think about how much money number 120 hockey player or soccer player will make.  Golf got the most sponsorship money among all the individual sports.  The reason is the sponsors get to play golf with the professional players.  Probably golf is the only game the armature can play with the professional at the same time, actually although they are in the golf course at the same time, they are really playing their own games.  When I have kids, I will select carefully on what sport to train him on to maximize the return.  Look at all the professional sports, probably baseball has the best return.  Soccer or hockey player has to retire early, and tends to get lots of injuries, but baseball player can still stay in the field even they well into middle-age and have a big tummy.  Look at how much an average professional tennis player makes, tennis training is not a very good investment on the children.

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