Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama I played Cooking Mama for Wii last night at my friend’s place.  Although the graphic is quite primitive, I found this game is really fun.  As you can see from the title, it is a cooking game.  You may wonder what’s fun about cooking through the TV screen, there is no food to eat.  This game is basically lots of mini games sharing a common cooking theme.  It has over 100 recipes for dishes from all over the world.  In each recipe, the procedure to make the dish is breaking down into small steps focusing on a few basic motions.  Some complicate dishes has over 20 steps, from cutting the ingredient, mixing the sauces to timing how long the strove should be on.  The presentation of the game is quite girly, cute cartoon character giving you the cooking instruction, most of the graphics are in pink, yet I think this game is suitable for both boys and girls.  The cooking in the game is far from real cooking, but you can still apply the recipe to make some real dish.  Moreover, it is always a good thing to raise the interest of cooking among players.  There are still some concern for feminine image for the male who play this game, maybe Nintendo should make a Iron Chef version for male game players.

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