Friendster is out, facebook is in. In the past few weeks, facebook seems to grow exponentially around my circle of friends. Everyone is ditching friendster and signing up with facebook. I registered my facebook account two weeks ago and now I already have over 30 contacts. People even send messages in friendster to tell people they are switching to facebook. It is fair to say friendster is showing its age. The site is always slow and it lacks of features. Facebook is much more user friendly and the interface is quite intuitive. How the photo album supports tagging people’s name is really genius, highly recommended. It is only the matter of time before facebook overtake friendster, repeating how MSN overtake ICQ. I am pretty sure a few years, some better social networking site will comes in and out shine facebook. Then there will be another round of mass exoduses, everyone migrate their contacts from one site to another.

There is one thing about this kind of social network I love to hate or hate to love. Before everyone you ever known is connected by social network, whatever passed is passed. If you want to forget someone after you two’s circle of life drifted apart, normally you won’t hear any news from each other.  Eventually the memory will be preserved under a dusty corner somewhere inside your brain. Now with these kind of massive social networks, that someone is just always a few click away. You may tell yourself you don’t want to and you don’t need to know anything about that person. But curiosity makes people click in and take a look how that person is doing these days. Is she happy? Has she find someone to take care of her yet?

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