Garage Sales

Today Pat is having a garage sales, a real garage sales that the stuffs is displayed inside a garage. We have been preparing it for the whole week, unpacking the stuffs, cleaning the items and placing them neatly. There are two garages full of stuffs Pat has to get rid of after she moved. We placed classifies on the local newspaper. I am surprised by the number of people come and buy stuff today. We were busy for the whole morning. Some people even come as early as 8a.m., try to get some good deals so that they can resell the goodies later at flea market. You can never imagine what people will buy. Something that you think is a piece of junk can sold for a few bucks. There was a fat middle age man the scoop the old super Nintendo machine with all the games with joy. If he want to play good games, why don’t he go out and get a Wii instead? If he want to play the old games, he can download them for free from the internet and play it using an emulator.

Like in the supermarket, the placement of the items are very important in the garage sales. When people first came in, they will take a glance of everything. If they spot something they like, only then they will proceed to look a little bit closer. Things sitting at the back of the garage having no one interested for 2 hours and it is gone the moment I move it outside to be displayed under sun. There is also a different kind of buyers, there was a pair of old folks treasure hunt from the piles for almost an hour.

At the end they bought quite some stuff. I get bargain stuffs and chatting with people in garage sales enlightened their Saturday morning. We have sold over half of the stuffs today. Hopefully, the other half will go away tomorrow, so it saves me time from taking the junk to the dump. People come over and pay you money to take away the junks for you. Garage sales is truly wonderful.

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