Being practical

Engineers are rational being and their every decisions are made with practical and only practical considerations.  When the girlfriends of two engineers come together, somehow they always bash their engineer boyfriend being too practical.  Tonight I met up with a friend coming back to Vancouver with Pat.  She is an engineer herself but she also got an engineer boyfriend.  In the dinner, Pat start making comments about me with the typical mind set of engineer, somehow that rings a bell to my friend and they two start poking fun of engineers.  Pat complains I keep wearing the same model of Nike hiking boots for 10 years.

My friend nodded in agreement and complain her boyfriend has a full closet of black clothes.  My friend comments that the guys at work can wear company T-shirt everyday and everyone is doing so.  They said it is too boring, but I can’t see what’s wrong with this picture.  How often do you look down and see what clothes are you wearing today?  Rarely.  The primary function of clothings is to keep you warm and comfortable and the company T-shirt meets this requirement just fine.  The secondary function of clothings is to attract opposite sex, like the peacock’s tail.  Unless you are going after some girls at work, why bother to dress up?  It is unfortunate that there ain’t that many girls in engineering firm, so no one really cares what you wear as long as it doesn’t smell.  Isn’t having to pick which clothes to wear every morning is even more boring than simply wearing the company T-shirt?

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  1. I was a physics student but I enjoyed shopping and dressing up. It did seem like I was the rare one or two in the department though. It probably also explains why I’m doing Interior Design instead of continuing on with physics now.

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