Engraved ring

We were talking about wedding ring and engagement ring during lunch today.  My friends said that they would like their ring to be engraved.  I wonder why anyone want their rings to be engraved.  First of all, the engraving is not free.  The letters are engraved inside the ring, so no one can see the letters.  Someone engrave names on the ring.  I can understand you better tag your thing if it is easy to lose or mix up with other people’s.  Since most people wear their ring all the time and it is unlike to mix up the ring.  If indeed the ring is lost, shouldn’t engrave your phone number or email address instead of your name, so that whoever find the ring can contact you to return the ring.  Engraving your name on the ring was the best way to mark your property before each diamond come with an engraved identification number.  Your purchase receipt with the diamond certification already provide enough proof for you to reclaim the ring in case it is stolen.  Someone engrave the day of wedding on the ring.  Well, it is useful, in case you forget the date.  However, should you remember the date by heart?  Lastly, someone engrave the ring for symbolic meaning.  Yet, the ring itself is already a symbol of the wedding.  Why would someone put an small extra symbol on more prominent symbol.  The symbolic meaning of the engrave is insignificant next to the symbolic meaning of the ring itself and it will be unnoticeable in the round off error of symbolic meaning.  In short, engrave the ring doesn’t make any sense.

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  1. again, you used analytical mind to look at something most people associate with emotional meaning. i cannot help you … not necessarily everything on earth has a scientific meaning behind it…

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