Love novel

What’s wrong with a guy reading love novels?  Today, I helped Pat clean up what’s left over from her garage sales.  When I was bored, I picked up a copy of a pop Chinese love novel from one of her boxes of old books and start reading.  The novel is written by a quite famous author in Hong Kong and I have read some of her novels before.  Since I couldn’t finish the whole book this afternoon, I decided to take it home.  Pat laughed at me that I am reading a girl’s book.  I don’t think book can be separated into male or female.  Books are just books, novels is just novels.  Who says guys cannot read love novels?  When I was in school, I read lots of books and novels, including my mother’s collection of love novels too.  However, the way how the guys read love novels is quite different from the girl’s way.  Girl may feel sympathy with whatever character in the novel, try to substitute herself into the book.  When girls read, they feel the book.  On the other hand, when guy read a love novel, all we care about is the plot and how scenes are played out.  Does the plot make sense, are the descriptions well written, does the author build up enough support for the climax.  When guys read, we analyze the book.  If a guy reads a love novel and cry for the characters in the book, then he is a girly guy, he is abnormal.  But if a guy, like me, reads a love novel, just trying to look into the mind of girls through the eyes of the author, then he is perfectly normal.

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