Flight to SFO

I am travelling to the Bay Area for a bussiness trip. I flied out on Sunday evening, so that we can rest a night before having endless meeting on Monday. When I waiting in line for the custom, I bump into an old friend of mine from university taking the same flight. I havn’t keep in touch with her for a few years, all I know is that she is living in Vancouver. We chatted and catch up with each other in the waiting room. She is finishing her Ph.D and moving down to the States with her boyfriend. I am joking that I can blackmail her by telling “stories” to her boyfriend, since I know this girl thru her ex-boyfriends. Two of my lab partners and a housemate of another lab partner went out with her back in Waterloo. What a small world.

I am flying with Air Canada this time. The airplane they use is an unfamiliar new model, E190 from Embraer. I always thought commercial airplane is dominated by the duonoploy of Boeing and Airbus. To my surprise, Embraer turns out to be a Brazilian company. I don’t expect a 3rd world country would have the complex technology of building an aircraft. The aircraft is pretty nice, each seat has its own entertainment system. I picked the movie “Children of Men” to watch, what a mistake. I didn’t realize the flight is too short for the movie. Even with the usual delay of circling over the Bay waiting for the runway, I am still 15 minutes short from finishing the movie. It is the first time I wish the plane will delay more, so that I don’t have to keep wondeirng what is the ending of the movie. I guess I have to wait till my flight back to finish off the movie.

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  1. It was nice bumping into you again, Horace. Seems like we do have some “fate” as I bump into you every three years or so. I am sure the next time I accidently bump into you, you will happily married with children!:) p.s. by the way, nice blog!

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