Cousin’s Wedding

My schedule for this weekend is packed solid.  My flight touched down in Vancouver airport on late Friday evening.  After resting a bit overnight, I have to wake up early to attend the full day event of my cousin’s wedding.  I have attended many weddings.  It is the first time I can just ring the bell and walk straight into the bride’s house in the morning.  Since this time I am not the “brothers” of the groom, rather I am the “sisters” of the bride, my cousin.  It is interesting to see the “get the bride” game from a different perspective.  Usually, I am among the brothers group, who have to go through all the hoops to make the sisters open the door for the groom.  Although I belongs to the “sisters” group, I didn’t give the “brothers” of the groom a hard time.  I just watch quietly at the back all the time.  I believes in the the teaching of the Golden rule, “do not unto others what you don’t want others unto you.”  Actually, the “sisters” is way to easy going this time, no harsh games except the “brothers” has to wear Chinese style ladies’ underwear.  Probably because the maid of honor, my other little cousin, is too gentle.  The “sisters” didn’t even bargain enough for the open door red pocket. The “brothers” offered them a chance to bargain harder.  Seeing things from the other sides give me insights for my own wedding.  I have to screen the “sisters” of Pat and make sure all of them are gentle.

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