is probably the best torrent download site out there in the internet.  It is very resouceful, it has lots of latest music, movies, TV eposides, books and especially audio books.  Unlike other open to all torrent sites, keep tracks of the download/upload ratio of the user.  It will enforce the sharing rule that you have to give back your bandwidth to the torrent community.  As a result, they limit the number of users to avoid infrastruture overloaded  Thereforethe site does not open to registration most of the time.  Unregistered users only allow to download the torrent files from the past few days.  Like the early days of gmail, new registration is allow only by invitation.  Although the website policy forbid selling of invitation code, but the code is selling $15 a piece on ebay, and they are sold fast.  Today, I am so lucky that I came across the rare occassion that opens for registration.  I seize this chance at once, create an account and start downloading.  It is like entering a gold mine of digital information.  Probably they will close the registration in a few hours once the quota is used up.  If you like downloading torrents, go there and register before it is too later.

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