Coffee shop in Tibet

This world is full of interesting people.  I just know a guy from Hong Kong, Pazu, open a coffer shop in Tibet.  Well, actually I don’t exactly know him, he is the webmaster of a site I used to visit a lot back in university days.  This guy is quite legendary, after he graduated from university, he became a full time traveler for the past 7 years.  I was following his foot steps on and off from the travel journals posted in his site.  He spent 3 years backpacking the every  in China, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan(!), visiting places I would not even visit in my dreams.  After he come back from his long journey, he begin another even crazier journey in 2004.  He spent another 3 years going back and forth between Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia in bicycles!  Finally, his long journey comes to an end.  He decided to settle down and open a coffee shop in Tibet after biking there all the way from Thailand.  There is a saying that travel ten thousand miles is better than reading ten thousand books.  This guy traveled ten times more roads than I will ever travel in tens of my life time combined.  I can imagine talking to Pazu would be full of eye opening stories.  Too bad that I don’t have the patient to follow his trip day by day in his travel journal.  If he write a book about his years long journal, I will get one at once.  Maybe HK’s television station should interview him and produce a hour long special program.  That would be more interesting than the usual brainless entertainment shows.

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