PMC Tea Pub

Since I moved downstairs to the new department, I have acquired a new habit of drinking afternoon tea.  One of my colleague is a big fan of tea.  She has a full set of tea pot, different kinds of tea leafs, herbs, flowers stocked at work.  It used to have a group of tea lovers hang around her cubicle every day for a cup of freshly made tea.  They joked that she is the chairman of the tea lovers’ club.  I was sitting in the different floor back then, I was too lazy to walk downstairs just to have some tea.  As the old gangs left the company, the old tea lover’s club seize to function.  It is too much to brew a big pot of tea just for yourself.  Now, I am just a few cubicles away from her, I took the trouble to boil water, then bug her to prepare the tea every day.  She decided to give the tea lover’s club a new name, and coined “PMC Tea Pub”, which she think is cool.  Membership for the PMC Tea Pub is free, but it is self service, members have to boil the water and pour the tea themselves.  There is a list of ingredient in stocked sticked on the cubicle wall.  Member can specify their taste or just enjoy the daily special made by the owner.  The tea pub is small but growing.  It has 3 members including the owner at the moment.  Drinking nicely brew tea at work is always better than buying generic coffee from Starbucks in the cafe.

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