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Telus is making cold call to attract new customers.  They have a promotion deal , 3 months free trail on internet service and TV.  I always want to compare the download speed of DSL vs cable, so I figure that it is no harm to give it a try.  The telephone guy came over to my place and hook up the wire, since I don’t have a phone line install.  He then drop off a DSL modem and let me to setup it up myself.  Somehow the line is not activated, no signal at all, obviously the internet won’t be working.  I am too lazy to call Telus to setup my account, thus the modem is just sitting there.  Today I receive a call from Telus, saying they have technical difficulty to hook up the TV in my apartment building. I have the option to just cancel the service order.  That should me all the troubles on calling their customer service.  Now I am still using my occasionally very slow cable modem, but I end up with an extra brand new DSL modem.  I tried to sell the DSL modem on ebay, but turns out that it virtually worth not even a dime.  The question is what should I do with the extra DSL modem?

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  1. What brand/model is the modem?

    You know, they charge a few $$$ to rent DSL modem. I am sure you will find it useful if you use DSL in the future. Why not just keep it?

    BTW, as for DSL speed. I am running TechSavvy here in Ottawa (over Bell system). I got around ~4 Mbit over claim 5Mbit service. The truth is these service is a “your mileage may various” case, depends on how far you are from the CO and other factors.


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