Harry Plotter 7

This weekend is the release date for the last Harry Plotter novel. Everyone over the world is crazy over the hype. People lining up in front of book store to get the book like it is given out for free. Many not so crazy but still enthusiastic Harry’s fans pre-order the book, so they will receive it on the first day of release. I also ordered the book, but foolishly I use the company address as the mail address. Since the company is close on Saturday, I have to wait until Monday to get my copy of Harry Plotter. Well, even if I got it on the first day, I may not want to read it right away. Reading a book is not a race, you don’t have to finish it faster than others. I rather relax and take my time to finish the book.

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  1. The latest Harry Potter book is Book 7 🙂 You must have gotten confused 🙂 BTW, congrats on the engagement, best wishes to you and Pat 🙂

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