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Blogging has been a popular phenomena for the past few years. Before blogging, there was personal homepage, similar idea but less convenient to use. Just like any trends, bloggers come and go after they have lost their interest. I witness may blogs suffer a slow death, as the blogger post new entries less and less often. At the end the blog stop all updates and die. One reasons why the bloggers stop writing is they move on to the next stage of life and could not afford the time to write anymore. It is sad, but there is nothing they can do. Time is in scare supply after all.

Another reason why bloggers stop writing is they run out of new ideas. They complain they couldn’t find new things to write everyday. If this is their problem, then they are just not trying hard enough. We have come across so many thoughts each day. We just have to catch any one of them, organize the thought a bit and making it more presentable. Voila! Now you have a nice blog entry. The mind of man is a like never empty treasure chest, you will always find new things if you care to look inside. The only way a man to run out of new idea is that he stops thinking. As long as we keep think, new ideas will appearing in front of our eyes to surprise us.

5 thoughts on “Blog ideas”

  1. I just want to write today about I am getting less ideas on what to write lately.

    Then I see this article and it’s like a “bang” to my head.

    What you sey may be true but still I think we can’t get avoid our brain getting tire some time.

  2. 靈感或生活當然也是最大影響,不過blogsphere發展到現在,那種逐漸擬真的社群處境也開始產生影響力了。博客從中獲得知識、權力、但也因此產生困擾、壓力。個人的心理質素便左右他們書寫下去的力氣了。

  3. Good points 🙂

    But people are people, computers are computers. People has a life of its own, but computer doesn’t (unless the power switch is on and it can run on 24 hrs if you like).

    I really admire hevangel’s ability to write blog everyday!

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