Every year around the summer season, Vancouver has its annual firework competition. Teams from 3 countries put together 4 spectacular shows within two weeks. I am not a big fan of firework and didn’t watch firework for the past few years. The firework show is always the prefect excuse to organize a social gathering to keep in touch with your friends.

We meet at Kitsilano Beach after work. Some of our friends already went there early and save us a good spot. The beach is not very crowd when we arrived at 8:00p.m. People were still enjoying the last bit of sunlight before sunset. Our spot is quite nice, close to the restaurant and real washroom, not those stinky portable ones. There were two people playing Jazz with guitar and saxophone just a few meters away. We enjoy the music, chit chat with each other, play card games to kill the time during the wait for the firework show. The firework starts at 10:00p.m., some friends are so smart that they brought along portal radio. So we can listen to the theme music of the firework. The firework is pretty good, but not really exceptional. Tonight’s show is preformed by the Chinese team. I heard earlier in the radio that there will be a special firework in the Olympic five rings pattern. I was eagerly looking forward to the rings in the sky, but I was disappointed. All I saw was some random rings. Maybe the wind disturbed the pattern or maybe we were just sitting in the wrong viewing angle.

The show ends at 10:30p.m., everyone leaving at the same time makes the traffic totally packed. It took us almost an hour and half to get home. I wish I can post some pictures with this blog entry, but I left the camera with Pat. Maybe I will upload the pictures later when I copy the files form Pat.  The final show is on this Saturday, it is the last chance for those who want to enjoy some fireworks this summer.

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