Double foosball

Today we have invented a new game, double foosball.  The only difference between the new game and traditional foosball is using two balls instead of one.  As we became better and better player, we found normal foosball is getting boring.  We have developed fairly good defense skill, so it is much harder to score a goal.  We have fairly good shooting and ball control skill, so the action always concentrate on one end of the table, the two people on the other end have nothing to do.  Using two balls make the game much more exciting.  Balls are flying all over in the table, and you can’t slow down the pace down by holding the ball.  The appearance of the other balls force you to stay in motion all the time.  Somehow I have special talent in this game and enjoy some advantage over my friends.  I have powerful shots from both hands and more or less I can control my two hands independently.  It is really cool to shot two balls from two bars at the same time.  In addtion, double foosball makes very good training exercise for normal foosball.  The extra ball enhances my reaction time and allows me to further develop separate hand control.

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