Everyone has one birthday every year. When we were small, birthday is a big day to have celebration. As we get older, birthday seems lost its specialty, it is just one of the other 365 days. My friends said after turning 30, you subconsciously want to forget your age. When you are a little kid, people ask how old are you, you can answer it right away. Now, it may involve some calculation and often you make (un)intentional mistakes in the math. I guess people just don’t want to admit getting old.

This year my birthday is a holiday. It is nice to have a relaxing day. I have a simple celebration with Pat, hearty home made dinner today. I have poker party with my friends and ice cream cake last night. I appreciate everything they did for me. I do enjoy the fun and sharing of the happiness. Just that I am always wondering what is the meaning of celebrating your birthday. Why do you want to remind yourself turning old years after years? The more I think about getting old, the more I imagine I will become a old man one day. Suddenly I grasp the meaning of birthday celebration. It celebrates you have live another year! I am looking forward for my next birthday celebration because I want to live years after years. Getting old is better than being dead!

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