The joy of shopping

As a guy, especially an logical mind engineer, I never understand why girls like to go shopping in groups. When guys want to buy something, they will do the research and consult with friends ahead of time. They know exactly what to buy before they walk into the shop. The shopping is done in less than 5 minutes, minus the waiting time in the cashier. Yet, today I have a very special shopping experience and learn to appreciate the way of girls go shopping in groups.

I found that it is more fun to shop if there are friends who share the same interest to go shopping with you. You can talk about what you want to buy on the way from shop to shop. Different shops selling similar goods are not just different in price, they have different selling style and you get different shopping experience. When you shop, you don’t just bargain for the cheapest price, you also want to build a personal relationship with the salesman. Sometimes be friend with a really helpful salesman result in much more non-monetary return than the few bucks you try to save by bargain hard. If you bring a friend along with you, you don’t just talk to the salesman one on one, so you avoid having the pressure that he is trying to make a sale. Instead you have a healthy conversation among three of us and your friend many ask unexpected question that give you new insight.  Window shopping is not waste of time, it is also pleasure to just look at things you cannot afford. For some goods, the specification cannot tell you everything. You have to go there, try it and feel it before you buy.

Finally I can relate to and start to understand why girls love shopping. Because shopping is not a girl thing, it something pleasant that be experienced by both gender, as long as you are buying something right.

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